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Body shop

When collecting damaged vehicles on behalf of body shops, our drivers routinely take digital images in situ, these are stored on our system and retained in Cloud storage. These images have proven invaluable to our clients when queries are raised as to the extent of the damage prior to collection and are readily available to be emailed (free of charge).

We use both our triplicate paperwork and that of our clients when required, to retain a full account of any job we undertake.

We use seat protectors on all vehicles we move and wheel covers where required. We would also use any other systems employed by your own vehicles when recovering or delivering.

We are fully conversant with dealing with courtesy cars (which require O’Licence to transport), recording fuel, mileage and damage – both delivering and collecting.

We operate a fixed price zone system for our larger clients, giving them an easy reference for given areas, taking the rough with the smooth, for example:

We may collect a customer’s vehicle from within 5 miles of our client on a quiet afternoon and drop it to their depot. This would cost £X. The following day we may be asked to deliver a courtesy car (using our Operator’s Licence) to a customer 9 miles away at peak time, recover the customer’s vehicle, be unable to reach our clients premises, return it into safe storage and redeliver in the morning.

Same Zone, same charge £X. – Simpler for us to charge and a lot simpler for our client to budget.

As previously mentioned, we have our own secure premises with both external and internal storage for any vehicles we are required to store.

We have the industry’s highest insurance cover provided by Allianz (details available on request), we have an enviable “No Claims” position with Allianz, stretching back many years.

Our drivers carry cheques to settle storage charges to release vehicles, we routinely collect damaged vehicles from most of the large recovery companies in Essex and the South East.

We are a registered recovery contractor with the Metropolitan Police Vehicle Recovery & Examination Service at the Charlton Compound in South East London and are therefore able to collect vehicles from them using our company cheques.