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Car Dealerships

We provide a service to dealers utilising our operator licensed trucks, enabling us to legally move unregistered or untaxed vehicles – which would be an offence on a conventional recovery truck.

Our trucks are LEZ compliant, registered with TfL for the congestion zone, equipped with Dart-Tag for the crossing to or from Kent. They have state of the art “real-time” navigation, security and communications. Our drivers are never out of touch, having three cellular phone systems in each truck and the ability to remote track them as well.

The trucks have our company name clearly written on them, although this has been kept to a minimum. They project a professional look and have proven a success with clients and customers alike.

To the larger dealerships who value it, we can offer a system whereby their valued customers can use us out of hours - Should their car break down or be involved in an accident, they call us, we recover and store the car – then deliver it to the Dealership as soon as they re-open – charging the Dealership at a previously agreed rate.