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Motorcycle Workshop

What started way back as a small child clinging onto his dad, on a small motorbike to Snetterton, to watch racing in the rain, to my first bike, the ubiquitous “Fizzy” in 1979, grew into the buying of Windsor Motorcycles – Ramsden Heath in 1989.

This soon made way for Whitehouse Motorcycle Recovery, a contract with Basildon Police and the RAC as a specialised Motorcycle Recovery.

We then set up workshop facilities in Brentwood which have grown into the present Workshop, boasting three 500kg remote hydraulic lifting benches, Ultrasonic Carburettor cleaning equipment, fan engine cooling and exhaust extraction.

We have built up a large customer base, partly due to our “any make any model” approach, unlike a lot of the local main dealers who only cater for their franchised brand. We have become specialised in the servicing and repair of the Honda Goldwing in all its guises and regularly look after a couple of the 1800cc models. We have sub-contracted for local dealers for repair and also for recovery and transport, especially for the larger type of bikes.

As with our other work, we have secure storage for the vehicles left in our care.

We operate a clear system for charging for works carried out, we do not start any works until the projected costs are quoted and agreed.

We do not have the facility to MOT on site, but routinely submit bikes to our local testing station on behalf of our customers, having first pre MOT inspected them and it is very rare for us to have a failure.

We have the facility to carry out tubeless repairs where they are deemed safe and again, we use local tyre specialists for any replacement.

We carry trade accounts to obtain parts for most makes and models and have a huge amount of data to refer to for servicing and repair.