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Off Road

We are approved contractors for Brentwood Borough Council and Essex County Council and are experienced in liaising with them to retrieve vehicles from the Country parks and green spaces surrounding the area.

We use our UNIMOG to lift or winch vehicles from areas normally inaccessible to regular vehicles. Also, we can easily undertake recovery from flooded areas, the ground clearance allowing the UNIMOG to wade to a depth that would submerge a normal vehicle.

We can also use the UNIMOG as a pure crane, to lift items into positions out of reach to a lorry mounted crane, such as lifting a hot tub over a hedge into a garden, a horse stuck fast in a bog, a fallen tree or an upturned tractor.

Our UNIMOG is fitted with tractor tyres, low range gears, differential locks, a large hydraulic winch and most importantly a HIAB 650 crane, capable of lifting 3500kg close by and nearly a1000kg load at 6.2 metres.